Youth Unemployment in Oman

Unemployment refers to the situation in which able-bodied people who are looking for a job cannot find a job. There are four types of unemployment which are structural, frictional, cyclical  & seasonal.

Structural unemployment is when people don’t have the skills and knowledge that are required in the market, for example when someone studies astronomy in a country where astronomy is not in high demand. Frictional unemployment is the sort that happens when people are looking for the ideal job. It is especially true in Oman when people wait for government jobs and not seek private sector jobs. Cyclical unemployment is the sort that is caused by bad economic times. In 2015/2016 Oman suffered from the drop in oil prices which put the country in an economic crisis. Seasonal unemployment happens when a person’s job is only available at certain times of the year. For example, people who work in farms or tourism fields.

The unemployment rate in Oman increase to 16% in 2017 and continues to rise while the number of people who graduate from higher education institutes are increasing year after year.

A survey done by the Graduate Affairs Department of the Ministry of Higher Education was published in 2016 and it was found that more than half of Omanis remain jobless after graduating from colleges in Oman. The survey was carried out among 12,551 students, who were looking for jobs after graduating from their colleges.

Most of the jobs in the Omani market require experience which creates a gap between the people who recently graduates and those who have experience. This is where internships come to close the gap between the two. According to multiple sources the best way to avoid employment is to constantly improve your skills and invest in yourself to develop.

To conclude, there are number of ways the government can reduce unemployment, which is by boosting the economic growth, the second way is to create more government projects which will help dramatically in the unemployment problem that the country is currently facing. Finally, and most importantly to never be afraid to invest in our most valuable resource, the youth.

Written by Zahra Bait Ishaq

Student at Middle East College


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